Gay Physicals Don't Touch Me!

As I stopped kissing her I lined myself up to claim her , her entrance was small compared with what was going in to her

She didn’t even begged me not to do It just a look on her face that wanted to know how deep I could go in her

I smiled and rammed myself fully in her making her scream in pain as I rip her pussy wide open. I came closer to her face and looked right in her eyes will you obey me ? I asked as I pushed again ramming her g spot hard making her moan YES MASTER she screams and calms down I’m yours master she said with a tone of pleasure in her voice I new that she wasn’t lying to me and that she really wants to be my slave.

Hentai: [Minato Fumi] Don't touch me! (COMIC HOTMiLK 2012-03) [English] [life4Kaoru]

Don't touch me! 1Don't touch me! 2Don't touch me! 3Don't touch me! 4Don't touch me! 5Don't touch me! 6Don't touch me! 7Don't touch me! 8Don't touch me! 9Don't touch me! 10Don't touch me! 11Don't touch me! 12Don't touch me! 13Don't touch me! 14Don't touch me! 15Don't touch me! 16Don't touch me! 17

[三巷文]Don't touch me!(コミックホットミルク 2012年3月号) [英訳]

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