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“, lucy composed herself enough to shout back,
“not today thank you. [Watanabe Wataru] Virgin Chyuihou while lucy had been enjoying being fucked and eating cum from pussies, the rest of the escourts had been told to cum into a large glass bowl, the women had helped the men wank off while and the men helped the women that could spray thier pussy juice to also cum into the bowl, lucy came over and inspected it, the bowl was an average punch bowl size and the escourts had managed to fill it almost half way, lucy took a glass and dipped it into the bowl filling it with the jizz-love juice cocktail and poured it into her mouth, lucy downed the entire glass full, lucy dipped the glass back in flling it half way up and handed it to one of the other women who was sat next her the women took the glass to her mouth and began to drink the mixed cum, lucy could see the woman was gagging but was trying to drink it all, as she swallowed the last mouthfull her gag reflax took over the women puked most of it back over herself, lucy dropped to her knees and began licking it off the womens body, the women, not wanting to dissapoint lucy scopped as much of it up as she could and swallowed it again, keeping it down this time, lucy made her way up the womans body to her mouth, the pair shared a sloppy long kiss before lucy moved back to the bowl, she told everyone to have a drink if they wanted it, to her surprise most of the women came and took a glass, some sipped on it some downed it in one others would drink some while pouring it over ththemselves or someone else while another licked it up, lucy even saw a few of the men doing shots of it.

Hentai: [Type.90] Chichiku Shimai (COMIC MILF 2015-10 Vol. 26) [English]

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[TYPE.90]痴畜姉妹(コミックミルフ 2015年10月号 Vol.26) [英訳]

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