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I will (stands up and bends over leaning on a
nearby tree pulling my thong out of my ass)

lonelygoth: mmmm, such a nice little hole, do you want my cum, like a good girl

latex xdressing slave nods

lonelygoth: once i cum in you, you will belong to me, and my pack, you will
beome a fucktoy, and will be used be everyone, more importantly you will satsify
me when i wish

latex xdressing slave hearing this I can't refuse

lonelygoth i take ahold of your thighs, digging my claws into you, i force my
cock into your tight ass with one quick thrust

latex xdressing slave hhhhaaahhhhhh

lonelygoth: oh, yesss, you feel soo great, better than a girl

lonelygoth i start fucking your ass hard, and slow, digging my claws deeper into
your thighs

latex xdressing slave please, tell me again aaahhh, who I'll belong to aaahh

latex xdressing slave aaahhh yes

lonelygoth: to my pack, and more importantly to me, you will be nothing more
than a fuck toy for my pack, and you will satisfy me when i wish, you got that

latex xdressing slave aaaahhhh yesss yes

lonelygoth i fuck you harder, and faster, my hard trobbing cock going deep into
your tight ass

latex xdressing slave I'm your pack slave aaaahhh for. Teasing League Of Legends | Kai'sa Free 18… I'm CUMMING

latex xdressing slave shoots my load in your hand and on the tree

lonelygoth i take the cum filled hand, placing it to your mouth

lonelygoth: now eat it

latex xdressing slave yes master (eats my load for you)

lonelygoth i fuck your ass harder, and faster, so close to cumming in your girly

lonelygoth: swallow it all girl

latex xdressing slave swallows and shows you my empty mouth

lonelygoth: mmmm, such a good girl, now beg me for my cum, show master how much
you want his cum, how much you want his cubs, how much you want to be in the

latex xdressing slave master please give it to me, I'll serve you and the pack
as long as I live, please fill me with your cum

lonelygoth: so you want to have my cubs girl?, and only my cubs from now on?

latex xdressing slave yes master yes

lonelygoth i dig my claws deep into your thighs, forcing my cock deep into your
ass, i shoot hot streams of cum into you, giving you spurt after spurt of hot
sticky cum filling you up

latex xdressing slave YESSSSSSSS

lonelygoth: you now belong to me girl, you are mine, and my packs little fuck
toy, a perfect little girl we can fuck anytime we want

latex xdressing slave I am yours now master

latex xdressing slave am I a girl now master?

latex xdressing slave rubs her belly

lonelygoth: yes as you should be

lonelygoth: your body will change to make way for the cubs, and you will become
more feminine in looks, and will crave more wolf cock, espeically my cock

latex xdressing slave I already am master, um I forgot to tell you something

lonelygoth: yes

latex xdressing slave my name is Samantha

lonelygoth: mmmm, such a pretty name samantha

latex xdressing slave thank you master

lonelygoth: now, *putting a leash on your collar*, it is time to meet the rest
of the pack little lady

latex xdressing slave (I'm of course still wearing my latex) yes master

lonelygoth takes you deep into the woods, further than you have ever gone
before, you soon hear noises, i bring you into a clearing and the pack appear
before us, the look upon your body with eagerness, they all begin to have
erections showing for you

latex xdressing slave um h.

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