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“mmmm, Chris in need your cock in me nowww, fuck my brains out!, don’t worry about a condom I’m on the pill”

I needed no further encouragement , I ripped off her blouse revealing her bra free tits picked her up and carried her to her room sucking on her tits as we went, I threw her on her pink heart covered bed on her hands and knees left only in her white stockings and got behind her, I saw her pitiful 4 inch dildo next to her bed it was laughable compared to what she was about to be fucked with, I lined my cock up with her tight slit and slowly and with great effort slid the head of my cock in, Claudia threw back her head and groaned as I slowly slid all the way in, massaging her tits as I slid in, I finally bottomed out inside of her feeling my head touching her womb, I slowly slid in and out of her feeling her extremely tight pussy clamped around my cock. “Oh god Chris your cock is massive, I had no idea”
“Yeah, Claudia maybe we shouldn’t be doing this”

I was going to continue protesting until I felt her mouth envelop my cock, then I felt her head move up and down.

Hentai: [ratatatat74] NTR망가 [Chinese] [新桥月白日语社]

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